Rdfa 1.1 Lite

Wikipedia: RDFa is a W3C Recommendation that adds a set of attribute-level extensions to HTML, XHTML and various XML-based document types for embedding rich metadata within Web documents.

RDFa 1.1 Lite is a simple subset of RDFa consisting of the following attributes: vocab, typeof, property, rel, about and prefix.



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An introduction to RDF

by Uche Ogbuji, Partner, Zepheira.

Published: 01 Dec 2000
Summary: This article introduces Resource Description Framework (RDF), developed by the W3C for Web-based metadata, using XML as an interchange syntax. RDF's essential aim is to make work easier for autonomous agents, which would refine the Web by improving search engines and service directories. Author Uche Ogbuji gives an overview of RDF aspects from schemas to usage scenarios. The article assumes that you are already familiar with XML.
Tags for this article: introduction, rdf, tutorial .
This article's texts is suitable for a wide audience, with a Fog index of 10.2.
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